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While one the path to a successful product development, it’s crucial to bundle efficient project management, experience, as well as interdisciplinary know-how. We will support you and your project, starting with requirements analysis up to technical implementation.
In order to do so, we cover a wide range in the fields of electronics and software development.


Product development

A successful and sustainable product can only be realized when user requirements are understood and consequently implemented. We support our customers in the creation of user requirements documents up to the development of market-ready products. Our core focus is the implementation of software and electronic solutions for industry, telecommunications, and medical environment. Our interdisciplinary engineering network guarantees the best solutions for different tasks at any time.

System Architektur

System architecture

The development of future-oriented products requires structured planning based on professional knowledge and the use of state of the art and future-oriented technologies. One of our main focuses is the design of system architectures that give the product the greatest possible reliability, expandability and modularity. In doing so, we never lose sight of the user-friendliness of the system and the budget specified by the customer. Especially projects in aviation as well as in medical technology require well tested modules. The foundation for a secure and traceable product development is already laid in the architecture phase.

Technische Leitung

Project management

Focused project management is the key to every successful project. Whether agile or process-driven – we support you in the implementation of your product development through targeted control and monitoring of all tasks. Interdisciplinary expertise enables us to effectively coordinate a wide range of disciplines.

Medical IndustryMusic IndustyFood IndustryControl Systems

Industry expertise

During the last 20 years we have implemented many software and hardware solutions for customers working in different industries. The developed products range from industrial control systems to multimedia systems and medical devices.

Our experience in the fields of microelectronics as well as software development, combined with extensive know-how in the areas of medical technology (treatment lasers, photodynamic disinfection, OCT systems), real-time data processing (resonant scanners, image, and audio processing) as well as optical systems (lasers, scanners, sensors), enables us to perform a professional and efficient product development in the related environment. A large network of experts gives us to flexibility to expand the required expertise depending on our customer’s requirements.

Your Contact

Through my many years of experience as a CEO and Head of Development of an R&D company, as well as Vice President Engineering at an international biotechnology company, I was able to gain experience in corporate and personnel management as well as in project, quality (ISO13485) and risk management (ISO14971) in addition to my skills in technical development.

Denis Brück

Owner DEAC

Tools & Technologies

  • C/C++/Java/…
  • FPGA development / VHDL

  • Electronics development

  • Embedded Linux (Yocto)
  • Kernel development

  • Protocol implementation

  • Microcontroller development

  • App development (Android)

  • Embedded Systems

  • Altium / KiCAD / Eagle
  • Digital signal processing

  • OpenCV
  • Quality and Riskmanagement

  • Application development (QT/ QML / VS)

  • MS-Project
  • Interdisciplinary network

„25 years experience in developing innovative and sustainable products“
Denis Brück (Graduate computer scientist)

Denis Brueck

„25 years experience in developing innovative and sustainable products“
Denis Brück (Graduate computer scientist)

Case Studies

  • Medical laser development

    The firmware as well as the electronics of the medical laser was developed for an international biotechnology company. The battery-powered (wireless) treatment laser is used in the dental field to kill bacteria ...

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  • Multimedia application with virtual synthesizers

    For a customer in the music industry, a desktop application was developed that allows the user to manage concert pieces and export them as playlists, so that the selected pieces can later ...

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  • Resonant scanning systems

    To use resonant scanner systems in the fields of micro-machining, microscopy or lidar applications, a sophisticated digital signal is required which meets the requirements of high-precision applications in terms of accuracy and ...

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